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So dearies, Deepika was an absolute doll and took sweetheart Sid to the doc. Aww! So cute. But why? Well, er…umm…ok, I admit I don’t know. I was reading the article more for its style than substance.

Some of us love to hate the page 3 sections; we wouldn’t be caught dead reading them. But guess what, I’ve begun to enjoy flipping through these steaming pages of gossip simply ‘coz of the style of writing.

You have to give it to all these enthu gas bags at the Times of India, Hindustan Times, and all the other dailies that bring you steaming wats of who-wore-what-to-which-party news. They give the blandest of happenings a sensational makeover through their words. No mean art I’d say.

Gossip writing is difficult. You need to lace your snippets with oodles of style, pack it with smart lines, and bring out an ‘ooh’ factor. And you’ve certainly got to have the ‘psst, did-you-hear-that’ feel. Like Honey does in her HT Cafe columns.

Check out the casual, slightly catty but absolutely chatty style gup-shup in http://www.hindustantimes.com/Spicy-gossip-Under-Honey-s-hat/Article1-346394.aspx

Enough masala to perk up the gloomiest of mornings!

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