A Facebook for the lit lovers?

By December 6, 2010 February 17th, 2015 One Comment

The fashion industry has done it in style and now it’s the turn of the literary folks. After websites that let you share style tips, learn about hot offers and get feedback on your outfits, here’s one to let you do something similar in the world of words.

Figment, a newly launched site for literary enthusiasts, is placing its bets on budding writers and avid readers out there. All you need to do is sign in. You can read from a library, share your work, and give and get feedback.

Unlike a blog platform, this portal works like a creative community. So, it’s almost like a networking site for readers and writers. You can comment on stories and also write detailed reviews. There are forums – so, there’s a chance to participate and get noticed. In keeping with the social-media-centric times, you can follow people too, and ‘heart’ mark stories (similar to the ‘like’ icon).

Check out http://figment.com/

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