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Watch out, Mahi! We heard you’ve got the UB endorsement deals. But before you begin to bet on it, just check out the ‘Chicken so tasty…’ ad, lest you go the Warnie way.

For the curious folks, we’ll talk a bit more about this campaign. McDonald’s roped in cricketing pro Shane Warne to promote their new chicken offering. But what’s different about this campaign is that the bowling hero is almost blocked out of the ads. The reason: the fast food company discovered that their product is so good that it sells itself.

So, what do you with the famous Warne now that you have signed him on? How about giving him a few odd jobs like rotating the table on which the product is placed? Or just holding the burger at arm’s length so that what shows in the light is the product and not his face?

This is one of rare few witty ads where the brand ambassador or endorsing celebrity is reduced into insignificance. The product and only the product takes centre-stage. The campaign is designed to feel like a story that talks of how these ads were made.

An absolute departure from convention, we’d say. And possibly a humorous warning for companies – make products so good that they sell themselves. Or is it? 😉

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One Comment

  • Lokiheed says:

    The whole idea is definitely brilliant…..for me the add is as much Warne as the chicken…a little bit of more of him then the chicken…maybe I’m biased because of my love of Shane but then again I love chicken too and that should (I hope) cancel out the bias. The fact that Shane is directly or indirectly mentioned more times then the chicken itself should be proof enough.

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