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Client: We want a really great website for our company.

writeclick: Ok, we’ll need to understand your company and what makes you different.

C: Innovation, quality…

wc: No, no, everybody says this…we mean what’s really different about you…think about it.

C: Well… but can’t we talk about innovation? It sounds nice!

Communication, like other industries, sometimes tends to be driven by buzz-words. ‘Innovation’, ‘quality’ and ‘cutting-edge’ are just some of them. (Psst: you can call them clichés too.)

While buzz-words can make your communication seem trendy, if you rely solely on them, you risk the ‘we-have-heard-this-before’ reaction. It also blurs the uniqueness of your brand.

If your communication needs to build your brand, think of what’s uniquely ‘you’. Are you the small store that works twice as hard as the big retailer? Are you the start-up that downs 3 litres of tea during brain-storming sessions? Say it. Create a strong and distinct image of your brand; make it easier to remember who you are.

Wait! Isn’t it an agency’s job to think of these images and lines? It is. But remember, your agency doesn’t know your business as well as you. A creative agency can facilitate your thoughts and help nail the right ideas. However, you need to think and provide the right inputs. And don’t fall-back on the crutches of quality and innovation. It’s easy to do that. But think beyond and you’ll find the building blocks to put together an identity that sounds more like you and less like all the others out there.

Think of what’s you, and not just what’s nice.

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