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15-11-1989 to 15-11-2013

What traits make brand Sachin so unique and successful? What lessons do they offer other brands? writeclick pays tribute to the God of cricket as he retires. 

Hard work. There are no shortcuts to success and brand Sachin represents the ‘practice, perform’ rule to the hilt. Brands need to work hard to meet customer expectations and build quality into their products and services. It means being consistent, going the extra mile to get those coins.

Focus. Ad campaigns, awards, appreciation… nothing shook the Master Blaster’s focus on the game. His on-field performance was what mattered the most. And there lies another essential lesson: focus on the product’s performance. Jazzy marketing campaigns can attract attention, but if the quality of the offering doesn’t match up to the promise, it damages the brand’s credibility.

Stoicism. A long innings has highs and lows, for cricket stars and brands alike. The truly iconic ones know how to manage both. When dealing with the lows, brands need to handle crisis calmly and steadily climb back to a position of strength. It may take time (and perhaps divine intervention too) but remember, there’s a long haul ahead.

Honesty. The controversy-free player has always been celebrated for his sense of fair play and respect for the game. Key learning: play by the rules to strengthen your brand image. It may occasionally mean retiring to the pavilion without scoring, but it reduces your chances of getting bad press.

Simplicity. Style, talk, manners… Sachin’s fans, colleagues and opponents alike will vouch for his hallmark simplicity in all these. It’s a likeable trait that’s earned him enormous goodwill. Brands too stand to gain by keeping things simple for their stakeholders. From communication to processes, cutting out the complexities, can bring brands closer to their audiences.

Humility. Dedication. Team play. There are many things that go into the making of a hero. We’ve picked out a few that resonate with team writeclick. Tell us about what you think makes brand Sachin such a huge hit.

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