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Hello, it’s been a great month for us. Among other successes, we held our first workshop today (28.02.2014) in Mumbai for non-profits.

 Titled ‘Branding for non-profits’, we answered questions such as:

  • Do non-profits need to focus on their brands like their for-profit counterparts do?
  • Why and how does this help them?
  • What are the first steps to take on this brand journey?

With a recent Times of India report suggesting that India has 20 lakh NGOs, and that too at a conservative estimate, our workshop aimed at helping non-profits stand out in this crowded space.

A shout-out to Bombay Connect for hosting the session and a big thank you to all the participants for the great feedback.

“The information was relevant, well explained and I found the whole workshop really enjoyable!”

– Joseph Bird, Marketing and Fundraising Director – Reality Gives

“It was able to clear a number of misconceptions about branding and how important it is for the non-profit sector. The combination of using exercises to convey certain concepts was indeed quite powerful in getting the message across.”

– Farhad Merchant, CEO – Common Purpose, India

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