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It’s the poll season and look who’s firing the best salvos! Brands are, using the ‘poll’ peg to churn out memorable messages.

Ambuja Cement calls out to break divisive walls. Hero Bikes encourages you to choose the right talent for the country. Then, there’s also Fevicol’s controversial Crazy Chairs.

Election debates do provide creative fodder for marketing; but smart brands can do more than just churn-out ads. They can campaign for a cause like Tata Tea does with the Power of 49, pitchforking the brand into the socially-conscious category.

The Power of 49 builds on the success of Tata Tea’s earlier campaign – Jaago Re rolled out in 2007. In an era where brands are eager to find the latest trends to fuel their communication, this continued focus on a topic demonstrates a sense of commitment to the cause.

While the earlier campaign just urged citizens to vote, this time around, the communication motivates women voters to exercise their rights. The larger focus is on women’s empowerment – a theme that aligns well with any corporate house’s CSR initiatives. No wonder, the campaign now has the backing of the entire Tata group.

The new Companies Act, 2013, pushes business houses to give back more to the society. Tata’s Power of 49 shows how to do it in style – marry CSR with an issue that’s captured the nation’s imagination and in the process, enhance brand image.