He wakes up every morning and rushes to the washroom with his Blackberry. He sits there mulling for a few minutes. And then comes the aha moment! The day has been s(pot)ted on a good note: a cool new status message is ready to garner comments on Facebook.

The status message section is perhaps the most happening one on Facebook. It is where all the creative action is: the section for which you save your best jokes, the smartest one-liners, and the coolest queries you can think of.

And our Mr ‘think-pot’ is not the only one trying to beat all others to a smart line every morning. There are many others scanning their grey cells for every pun and PJ they ever heard. Or others desperately cudgeling their brains to remember the wisecrack the visiting professor made at the lecture. Or others reading books and pausing at a good line to make a mental note that says, “should post this tomorrow.”

Why all the noise about a status update? Simply because this is where:

• You tell people whether you are the smart (‘why does the weekend end’) types, or the intellectual (‘reading Einstein’s original work on relativity’) types, or merely the ‘doesn’t matter, don’t care’ types.

• You get people to like your messages and post so many whacky ones so quickly that everyone checks out your posts everyday. You get as many seconds of fame as the messages you post.

• You dazzle people with your brilliant observations about life and start a discussion that the philosophy professor will quote in his next class.

• Well… you get the drift.

Updating your status message was once just the regular thing to do. You know, talk about the ‘I hate upma for breakfast’ kind of thing. Or once in a way say ‘Just back from a trip to Paris’. Or occasionally add even something as profound as, ‘Wonder why God created cockroaches’. But today, it’s the most happening place to dazzle people with your creativity.

So much so that today you can’t even make a wisecrack without the risk of being quoted. For every smart statement you make will find its way to… well, if not the national press, then surely to Facebook.

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