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When it comes to attracting shoppers, you have to give it to the malls in Singapore. From giant-sized Santa cut-outs in Christmas to sizzling sales at different times throughout the year, there’s something happening to lure you into the shops.

Yesterday, as we walked through a popular mall in the heart of the city’s business district, we saw people staring at a statue. It just looked like an angel on a pedestal, all done in white and complete with wings, spreading its arms out in a gesture of embrace.

Imagine our shock when we saw a few seconds later, the statue extending its hand out to a girl. We swear, we saw it move! That’s when it hit us that it wasn’t a statue, but a person dressed as one, executing different poses. We just shook our heads in amazement and moved on.

Only to be greeted by an opera singer, dressed to perfection in a glittering evening gown, her powerful voice filling the atrium. This was my first face-to-face with an opera singer; where else can you have such a close encounter without paying for it, and that too stumble upon it while shopping? A few steps, in the lower floor, a juggler had the kids in splits with his comic act.

The trio kept changing location at close intervals and performed at different points in the mall. So, if you missed them while entering the mall, you’d see them at the exit. Or while taking the escalators.

The statue was our favorite. We saw an unsuspecting man walking near it (or should we say her), musing possibly about his long day at work. He just jumped in fright when he saw it move. And just like we had a few minutes ago, he too shook his head in disbelief, smiled, and moved on. Brand recall for the mall increased by a few notches, we are sure.

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