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Marketing the vision

By December 18, 2012February 17th, 2015No Comments

Marketing and communication campaigns mostly focus on selling a product or a service. But to create a compelling story about your brand, tap into the power of your vision statement or beliefs. How can you do that?

Build campaigns around key beliefs. What are you doing to turn your beliefs and vision into action? The answer could be the peg to support your marketing campaign. Mahindra says their purpose is to ‘enable people to rise’. Their ‘Spark the Rise’ contests gives people an opportunity to drive change, and generates tremendous recall for the brand.

Challenge audience to test your products. Think of how your products fulfill the promise your vision statement/ beliefs makes. Ask your audience to try the products and see if it delivers the promise. Remember the Dove campaign asking women to use their soap and then step-out without make up? Dove was challenging users to embrace their skin-care beliefs.

Tell customers what they can do. If your vision or belief is to build a better world, tell customers how they can contribute too. Greenpeace tells audiences how they can urge ‘Zara’ to detox in this campaign. 

Substantiate with a story. Use a case study to show how you are committed to achieving your vision. Show how your products help too. GE takes this approach in its ‘ecoimagination’ campaign, with examples of how technology is being used in pro-environment initiatives.

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