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Five things for your communication to follow in 2013

By January 10, 2013No Comments

Hello there,

Happy 2013. You must have made your list of resolutions to follow this year. Here’s similar list for your SME’s communication, to help make 2013 a truly bright year for your business.

  • Create a brand for your business, even if it’s a one-person show run from home. A smart name, logo, well-designed stationery and communication material create the impression of a professional organisation. They also lend credibility.
  • Be prompt with your communication. Respond to mails as quickly as you can, call back when you say you will and stick to promised timelines. Even if you don’t bag the deal, you’ll win points for promptness.
  • Add a personal touch. Take time to mail or call people individually and spare a few minutes for conversation. It helps build relationships. Don’t mass-mail or send bulk SMS.
  • Write good e-mails. A well-written e-mail is a joy to read and creates a positive impression, even in the times of SMS lingo and instant messages. Take the trouble of writing complete and clear text; avoid SMS jargon and abbreviations.
  • Train your staff to communicate well. Include even your peon in the process. Your team members are your company’s brand ambassadors and what they say will impact your brand.

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