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201+3 for 2013!

It wasn’t a math problem gone wrong. It was a new campaign.

Unlock 10,000 smiles in 2013 was a fund-raising initiative for our client, Dream A Dream, a Bangalore-based non-profit.

“Can we do something different?”

Dream A Dream wanted to take an engaging, off-beat route to fund-raising. We had ambitious targets but limited resources.

An online campaign with an ‘action’ component looked promising. After many brain-storming sessions, approvals and cups of coffee – the concept was clear: donors unlock smiles and pledge to adopt three resolutions. It takes Rs 201 or USD 10 to unlock a smile.

“Why was this different?”

  • The campaign focused on ‘unlocking smiles’ and not just donating.
  • Online contributions unlocked smiles immediately – donate, unlock and see your name against the unlocked smiles. It was instant gratification.
  • There was more than just the feel good factor for donors. There were cues to ‘do good’ and make a pledge.
  • Few Indian NGOs have tried similar crowd-sourcing campaigns for fund-raising.

A shout out to our corporate supporters – UXD designed the user interface, Mahiti handled the user interface programming, Host viper helped with the technology and hosting and Smart Ideasdeveloped the website.

Till 31st March 2013, Unlock Smiles managed to raise INR 10,00,000 for Dream A Dream. The campaign is officially closed. But you can continue to unlock smiles and support the cause at

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